Top 10 Biggest Hedge Funds

Total Assets Hudge Fund™ YTD Return
$29,013,000,000 Bridgewater Pure Alpha Strat 18% Vol -9.09
$21,556,741,364 Millennium International Ltd -1.04
$10,948,875,000 Ginga Service Sector Fund 0.90
$8,762,059,141 Millennium USA LP Fund -0.70
$8,638,000,000 Bridgewater Pure Alpha Strat 12% Vol -5.96
$8,365,932,918 Renaissance Inst Diversified Alpha Fund 4.39
$5,800,000,000 Arcus Japan Value Fund Rel 1 -8.45
$5,661,000,000 Bridgewater All Weather 12% Strategy 5.49
$4,178,000,000 Pharo Macro Fund Ltd 1.15
$2,759,462,435 STB Japan Long-Short Fund IJPY -4.58
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